AGS Membership

Helzberg Diamonds is proud to be a member of the American Gem Society® (AGS), an association dedicated to consumer protection, education, ethics and integrity in the jewelry industry.

The elite few

AGS sets the standard for the jewelry industry and has rigid membership requirements. Only a small percentage - about 5% of all jewelers, designers, appraisers and suppliers nationwide - have met the standards for membership in the American Gem Society.

A jeweler you can trust

Our membership in AGS further demonstrates our commitment to serving customers with the professionalism and integrity you've come to expect from a company that's been in the jewelry business since 1915. We're committed to ongoing gemological training, customer service and integrity in every one of our stores, ensuring that you always do business with highly trained, knowledgeable professionals.

The ASET™ device

To help evaluate and demonstrate the effect of light on the cut of the diamond, AGS developed the Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET™). Looking at your diamond through the ASET device allows you to see all the paths of light traveling through the gem as the color-coding system brings the analysis to life. This technology allows you to differentiate between well-cut diamonds and poorly cut ones.

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