Forever Brilliant® Moissanite Jewelry

Moissanite jewelry: a technical breakthrough over a decade in the making. Forever Brilliant® is the world's finest grade of moissanite and the world's most brilliant gem®. In never-before seen nearly colorless gems, no diamond alternatives have ever been this spectacular. New innovation and artistry combine into a jewel that dazzles with its timeless beauty. Each stone comes with a Certificate of Authenticity to verify its legacy for a lifetime. If you're planning to propose or get married, you may consider a vivacious moissanite engagement ring - and she'll be happy to say "I do".

Forever Brilliant® moissanite is inspired by the fire and beauty of natural moissanite, a dazzling gemstone first discovered over a century ago in an ancient meteorite by Dr. Henri Moissan. The enthralling stone has been a source of intense interest ever since. With an patented ethical process for growing it, Charles & Colvard® has seen increasing demand for moissanite rings, moissanite earrings, and other jewelry such as pendants, necklaces, and bracelets.