Helzberg Radiant Star

Known for its unparalleled sparkle and fire, the eye-catching Helzberg Radiant Star® collection is truly one of a kind. Designed to shine just as much as that sparkle in her eye, you can’t go wrong with Radiant Star® engagement rings. Uniquely cut with 145 facets versus the traditional 58, this collection produces showstopping brilliance. Shop Helzberg Radiant Star® jewelry for exceptional beauty at an affordable price.
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Helzberg Diamonds Radiant Star®

At Helzberg Diamonds, we set out to create a diamond that would play with light and dazzle the eye unlike any other gem in the world. A diamond whose unparalleled sparkle and fire would receive consistently high ratings by the world´s diamond authorities. A diamond you would have to see to believe. The result is the spectacular Helzberg Diamonds Radiant Star®, available exclusively at Helzberg Diamonds. By taking an entirely new approach to the cut and arrangement of a diamond´s facets, our artisans have designed a diamond that sparkles with more intensity and fire than any other diamond.

What makes a diamond a Helzberg Diamonds Radiant Star®?
At Helzberg Diamonds, we took a bold new approach to diamond cutting and created a diamond with 145 facets. The extra facets mean the diamond has more potential for sparkle, but that´s not enough. The facets must be carefully arranged in order to capture and play with the light as much as possible, resulting in an exceptionally brilliant and scintillating diamond. The most remarkable feature of the Radiant Star®? Its price. Through careful selection and skillful cutting, we are committed to offering this beautiful diamond at an affordable price. When you look at a Helzberg Diamonds Radiant Star® next to a similarly priced round diamond, you´ll immediately notice that you´re getting a lot more sparkle and fire for your dollar.

How is a Helzberg Diamonds Radiant Star® documented?
Every Helzberg Diamonds Radiant Star® diamond comes with two types of third-party documentation: the IGI Certificate of Authenticity and a GemEx Light Performance Certificate. An IGI certificate of authenticity provides an accurate statement of your diamond´s weight, color and clarity, based on an internationally recognized system. The Light Performance Analysis measures and rates your diamond´s white light (brilliance), color light (fire) and scintillation (sparkle). In order for a diamond to earn the name Radiant Star®, it must have ratings in the "very high" end of the scale on two of the three GemEx measurements, with none of the measurements lower than "high." Very few special cut diamonds on the market ever achieve such consistently high ratings. Each Helzberg Diamonds Radiant Star® diamond has a unique control number laser-inscribed on the girdle (the outer edge of the stone). Your IGI Certificate of Authenticity and your GemEx Light Performance Analysis will each show your diamond´s Radiant Star® control number, as well as their own unique numbers. Your Helzberg Diamonds Radiant Star® control number means you will always be able to identify and track your diamond.