Honora Bridal Pearls
Honora Bridal

The Honora® Bridal collections at Helzberg Diamonds features an
assortment of colored freshwater cultured pearls for your big day.

Honora Girls
Honora Girls

Honora® designs beautiful and timeless pieces for the little ones in your
life with their Honora® Girls collection. These whimsical yet classic
designs will be treasures now and for years to come as they are
passed on from one loved one to the next.


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Cultured Pearls

The three main types of cultured pearls are freshwater, South Sea and Akoya. The term "cultured pearls" is often misunderstood or misused, but the meaning is actually simple: A cultured pearl is any pearl product where humans start the pearl growth process.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are more than 90% pearl nacre and offer the widest array of shapes and colors. Honora® is the largest importer of freshwater pearls in the United States and focuses on the top 3-5% of the pearl harvest.

Colored Pearls

Color is by far the hottest trend in pearl jewelry right now, and Honora® is at the forefront of pearl color innovation. In addition to the classic assortment of naturally occurring colors, Honora┬« has developed a process for infusing colors that have never been seen before into pearls.

Honora Pearls Part 1

Honora Pearls Part 2