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Chemically, physically and optically identical to natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are brilliant and stunning. But are they all the same? Here's how you can identify the best quality lab grown diamonds and score more sparkle for your spend!

What makes a lab grown diamond a high-quality diamond vs. a low-quality diamond?

With any diamond, the 4C's — cut, color, clarity and carat weight — work in concert to determine both beauty and value. Virtually every natural diamond has subtle flaws, known as inclusions. The amount and visibility of inclusions determine the quality of the stone.

But do lab created diamonds have inclusions? Just like natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds can vary in quality. Some will have inclusions and color variations that affect their overall clarity and price. When comparing lab grown diamonds vs. naturally mined diamonds, the 4C's will always be the primary factors determining quality and value.

What to look for in a lab grown diamond

When choosing a lab grown diamond, you should apply the same standards you would use to judge a natural diamond. First, assess the presence of inclusions, which affects the stone's clarity. You should also inspect the diamond for color, which is measured on a scale ranging from D to Z, with D being the clearest and Z having the highest amount of color. Cut is also a critical consideration because it determines a diamond's brilliance and fire. Finally, carat weight is an important consideration, especially if you're shopping for a diamond engagement ring.

Who makes the best quality lab grown diamonds?

When comparing a high-quality diamond vs. a low-quality diamond, it doesn't necessarily matter whether it's natural or man-made. Ultimately, it all comes down to the 4C's which determine beauty and quality.

At the same time, the supplier plays a big role in determining the quality of a lab grown diamond. Jewelers can acquire lab grown diamonds from several different sources, and not all offer the same level of quality. Helzberg has worked hard to establish relationships with the very best lab grown diamond suppliers and to bring you our Light Heart Lab Grown Diamond collection. Our customers get the peace of mind that comes with knowing their lab grown diamond jewelry will always rate highly for cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

What makes lab grown diamonds more affordable?

While they are essentially identical to natural mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds tend to be more affordable. This is due to a lack of scarcity. Because there is a finite supply of natural diamonds within the Earth, these stones are more valuable and costly. Since lab grown diamonds are more easily produced, they aren't as rare or expensive as natural diamonds mined from the ground. With that said, lab grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in every way.

Are lab grown diamonds sustainable?

Helzberg adheres to the Kimberley Process, American Gem Society and World Diamond Council standards, ensuring that our natural diamonds are ethically sourced from start to finish. Unfortunately, not all jewelers maintain such strict standards.

Some (but not all) natural diamonds are associated with troubling ecological issues. Since lab grown diamonds are man-made in a dedicated environment, these potential ethical issues do not exist. Most lab grown diamonds are also made with sustainable, responsibly sourced materials. This makes them especially attractive to eco-conscious customers.

Since both natural and lab grown diamonds can have varying degrees of quality, it's important to shop at a reputable jeweler who always prioritizes the all-important 4C's. Whether you're looking for fashion jewelry with natural diamonds or lab grown diamonds, Helzberg has a stunning selection for every taste and style. Shop lab grown diamond jewelry today!