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Consisting of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, water-based zodiac signs tend to be sensitive, deep and emotional. They don't typically shy away from deep conversations and can usually suss out what people have going on beneath the surface. They also inspire gorgeous birthstone jewelry pieces that make great gifts. And with so many alluring options, it’s easy to find the perfect piece of jewelry based on a water zodiac sign.

Scorpio jewelry

Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpios tend to be fearless, bold, creative, passionate and fiercely loyal. So, bear this in mind when selecting Scorpio birthstone jewelry for yourself or that special someone. 
Scorpio jewelry tends to showcase opal and citrine. Like Scorpios themselves, these gemstones stand out and add a punch of unique color to any jewelry collection. Opal is typically a white stone, but its surface reflects a multicolor of light, giving it an unexpected spectrum of color.
The warm, yellow glow of citrine is perfect for November-born Scorpios celebrating their birthdays in the fall. The color stands out in pendants and earrings and is a beautiful addition to any ensemble.

Cancer jewelry

The classic pearl and fiery red ruby are the birthstones for Cancer, the water sign most associated with a nurturing and emotional personality. Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancers are known for being highly charismatic thanks to their caring and intuitive natures.
Perfect for a Cancer, a pearl symbolizes wisdom and integrity. Pearls are also versatile and can elevate any look, making them an ideal — and essential — part of your jewelry collection. 
A ruby exudes the fiery, passionate side of a Cancer, showcasing their boldness and confidence. Representing strength, integrity and energy, Cancer zodiac jewelry brings a glamorous, spirited look to any ensemble, especially when complemented with beautifully crafted accessories from Helzberg Diamonds. 

Pisces jewelry

Motion, fluidity and the ever-changing tide speak deeply to water zodiac signs. The birthstones for Pisces, born between February 19 and March 20, include amethyst and aquamarine, which both capture this essence by evoking images of serene calm and pristine tranquil waters.
Known for being sympathetic, gracious and emotionally aware, February-born Pisces will positively glow in eye-catching amethyst, which is thought to reduce stress and anxiety. March-born Pisces will love aquamarine jewelry, thought to inspire compassion, intelligence and peace. 
Helzberg’s Pisces birthstone jewelry comes in all sorts of simple and intricate designs, allowing you to easily select something that’s every bit you. 


Whether a gift for a loved one or a gift for yourself, shop water sign jewelry at Helzberg.