EFFY® Jewelry

With EFFY® jewelry, there are no limits to beauty. No limits to style. And no limits to how a woman can express herself.


Effy Hematian

Effy Hematian, founder and designer of EFFY® Jewelry, came to the United States of America in 1979 with his wife, his son, and his vision. He was driven by a strong desire to share his sense of style and his passion for quality craftsmanship in jewelry. Today, his family business has grown to include his three sons, but Mr. Hematian remains highly involved as well. With his meticulous eye and dedication to fine craftsmanship, his business has expanded over 30 years to include a vast array of collections inspired by fashion trends from around the world.

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EFFY® Jewelry at Helzberg Diamonds®

Effy Hematian refuses to put limits on his jewelry designs, seeking out inspiration from every corner of the globe. It's a daring approach that has captivated some of the brightest stars in Hollywood. Providing true choice, and standing as a champion for a woman's individuality. That was Effy's vision when he came to America in 1979. And over 250,000 innovative jewelry styles later, it's still true today.