Endura Gold

Why choose Endura Gold? It pairs the same karat gold found in other 14K jewelry with a superior patented alloy that affords brighter shine, vibrant color and lasting durability. Endura Gold jewelry is hypoallergenic and is more resistant to scratches and dents than other gold jewelry brands.


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Endura Gold jewelry with durability that lasts a lifetime. Created using only the finest materials for those seeking timeless styling and unmatched quality.

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Endura Gold earrings - crafted with everyday wear in mind.

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Endura Gold 14K gold chains are strong enough to stand up to everyday wear and come in a wide assortment of designs.

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Endura Gold promises nickel-free and hypoallergenic jewelry with a shine brighter than other 14K gold and a durability stronger than other 14K gold jewelry. It’s unique color makes every piece a perfect match and it retains its color and shine for generations.