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Sterling silver happy birthday hat bead with multi-colored enamel
Sterling silver bunny bead with pink crystal accents in the ear
14K yellow gold over sterling silver textured bead
Run your own race.

Sterling silver running shoes bead
Sterling silver New Orleans Saints enameled NFL bead

9.5x9.5 millimeters
Typically dressed in red the poppy stands for imagination and is native in almost every country. This August birth flower holds a freshwater pearl as a symbol of beauty.
Sterling silver reversible Philadelphia Phillies bead
Sterling silver United States Marines charm
Mother and father walking with their newborn in the baby stroller - proud and filled with love.
Sterling silver V initial bead
The first flower mentioned in the world of literature is the water lily, the flower of July, symbolizing the perfect beauty. Shielding a pearl beneath its petals to protect another symbol of beauty.
This glass bead displays the forgotten treasures on the bottom of the sea are reflecting the sunlight.
Sterling silver reversible Milwaukee Brewers bead
Enjoy the forest’s reflections on the lake, they tell a story of purity and life

Made of Italian Glass

Please note, no two beads are exactly the same coloration
I want to capture your heart in a spider web and never let go.

This bead is made of sterling silver.
Here a pearl hides among the leaves of the flowers as a symbol of beauty. Bindweed symbolizes devoted relations, faithfulness and represents the birth flower of September.
Your path is unique. Dare to live life.
The birth flower of April conveys innocence, loyal love, and purity. The daisy is good at keeping secrets whispering, "I'll never tell". Concealing its good friend, the pearl, in plain sight to protect its beauty.
When the waters are turbulent, Neptune brings peace and harmony.
Hematite is used to stimulate the wish of peace, self control and inner happiness. A yellow personality is associated with optimism, creativity, charm and intelligence. These genuine natural materials are absolutely unique. They vary in color and have unique inclusions and features that show their great age and natural beauty.
Violet represents spirituality and the realm of mystery. In addition, it means sacred wisdom and enlightenment.

This bead is made of Italian glass.
Sterling silver and rhodium plated two-tone filigree oval sphere bead
Feel the adventure in the magical winter landscape.
There is an old Indian prayer to the armadillo, which goes, "Protect my borders, teach me my shield, reflect my pain so I do not yield".
Sterling silver and enamel Marshall University bead

11x9 millimeters
The color purple is the color of inspiration and of art. The Amethyst helps us realize that the strongest boundaries are the ones we put for ourselves and then it helps us break them down and find a new way.
Sterling silver reversible Cincinnati Reds bead
As the sun slowly sets on the distant horizon the night falls, and the magic from the sparkling stars occur.
Dive into the magical sea and find the octopus guarding his treasures.
Sterling silver Ohio University collegiate enamel dangle bead

25.4x15.9 millimeters
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