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Elegant and beautiful. The dragonfly has always been prominent in art and culture.
Was: $49.99 Now: $39.99
Sterling silver black and white enamel killer whale charm
Feel the lightness and joy – just like the dancing butterfly.

This bead is made of sterling silver
The longing for the ocean, its roaring waves and countless beaches are all put into this bead that reminds us of saltwater and summer.
Sterling silver Mickey & Minnie best friends bead
Sterling silver and enamel University of Pittsburgh bead

11x9 millimeters
  • Sterling silver treble clef charm with red crystals and a lobster clasp
  • 24.4x10 millmeter
This beautiful angel charm is made of sterling silver and features a pink enamel heart in the center for a lovely look.

11mm x 11mm
This Expressions For Helzberg® stopper charm is crafted from sterling silver and studded with glimmering white crystals.

11mm x 4mm
Featuring vibrant purple, blue and white crystals, this sterling silver butterfly charm will add an exotic touch to your jewelry.

17.5mm x 18mm
  • Sterling silver yellow and white crystal baby carriage charm with lobster clasp
  • 27x13 millimeter
  • Sterling silver single-sided light pink crystal girl charm with lobster clasp
  • 21x15 millimeter
  • Sterling silver pink and white crystals peep toe sandal charm with lobster clasp
  • 11x32 millimeter
  • Sterling silver and bright red crystal July birthstone bead charm
  • 11x4 millimeter
Made of sterling silver and embellished with a cluster of glistening white crystals, this Expressions for Helzberg® heart charm is perfect for adding a hint of glamour and shine to your jewelry.

15mm x 12mm
Studded with sparkling square yellow crystals and round white crystals, this sterling silver charm is a little treasure you’ll love.

10mm x 10mm
  • Sterling silver cocktail charm with green and yellow crystals and a lobster clasp
  • 20.5x14 millimeter
Crafted from sterling silver, this hexagon charm is designed to perfection with square green crystals and round white crystals.

10mm x 10mm
  • Sterling silver ladybug charm with red and black enamel and white crystals
  • 15.4x9.3 millimeter
Was: $34.99 Now: $24.99
  • Sterling silver animal paw shaped bead charm
  • 11x10 millimeter
  • Sterling silver and blue crystal bead charm
  • 12x7 millimeter
  • Sterling silver American flag charm containing red, white, and blue cubic zirconia and a lobster clasp
  • 21x14 millimeter
  • Sterling silver single-sided lime green crystal boy charm with lobster clasp
  • 22x13 millimeter
  • Sterling silver and light green crystal August birthstone bead charm
  • 11x4 millimeter
Sterling silver pink enamel sneaker

34x15.4 millimeters
Crafted from sterling silver, this 16x14 millimeter love locket charm has the word "Love" with tiny hearts carved into it and can hold a small picture of your loved one.
Sterling silver black and white enamel with clear crystal

9.5x12 millimeters
This heart-shaped charm is adorned with white crystals and engraved with the words "I Am Loved."
Sterling silver clear, blue, and pink crystal cell phone

25.2x6.8 millimeters
Sterling silver pink crystal with clear crystal bar

7.7x12.2 millimeters
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