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Sterling silver star charm with thirty-one lab-created white sapphires
Sterling silver double heart charm with lab created white sapphire
Sterling silver reversible Marquette University dangle bead
Sterling silver Wizard of Oz poppy bead with red enamel
Sterling silver reversible San Diego Padres bead
Sterling silver reversible San Francisco Giants bead
Sterling silver reversible Cleveland Indians bead
Sterling silver reversible New York Mets bead
Sterling silver reversible Miami Marlins bead
Sterling silver Betty Boop and Bimbo the Dog XO bead with black enamel.
Sterling silver reversible Arizona Diamondbacks bead
Sterling silver reversible Houston Astros bead
Sterling silver reversible Seattle Mariners bead
Sterling silver reversible Colorado Rockies bead
Sterling silver reversible Los Angeles Dodgers bead
Sterling silver reversible Tampa Bay Rays bead
Sterling silver reversible Texas Rangers bead
Sterling silver reversible Pittsburgh Pirates bead
Sterling silver Betty Boop motorcycle charm with red and black enamel
Sterling silver reversible Oakland Athletics bead
Sterling silver reversible New York Yankees bead
Sterling silver Wizard of Oz witches feet charm with black, red and white enamel
Sterling silver reversible Washington Nationals bead
Sterling silver reversible Atlanta Braves bead
Sterling silver Wonder Woman bead with white enamel detail
Hiding among the leaves of a buckthorn is a precious pearl of beauty. This birth flower of May represents hope and happiness, only wishing the best for all. 
The stone of courage said to be named after the Amazon women warriors. Another legend says that it is simply named after the Amazon River in Brazil where it is found in rocks of granite. It is also called the Hope stone because it inspires confidence and hope.
There are few creatures as playful and funny as the little kitten, that jumps at anything it can get a hold of, with its big eyes and great eagerness. This is quite a little troublemaker.
As in the summer time gone by, he was seen to steal gently up wherever a butterfly had alighted, and lose himself in contemplation of it. When it took flight his eyes followed the winged vision, as if its airy track would show the path to heaven.
There is no such thing as honest love – keep it close to you. In this trustful bead, there are 13 pink cubic zirconia stones

This bead is made of pale blue Italian glass.
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