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Stunning flowers sparkling of mother of pearl are decorating the Aurora. The ancient people of the North believed that the Aurora was the fire of torches lighting the way to heaven.
Two people dancing closely and happily together through life.
Imagine a bead cut out of the ice cap at the northern most tip of Greenland, added a little permafrost and a touch of northern light.
You can count on me, I will always be there for you. Give this Trollbead to your best friend or someone whose hand you will never let go of.
With reflections that bring your thoughts to Moonstones. These dance on a bed of light blue.
Sterling silver oval bead engraved with the Serenity Prayer
Stars shine bright through fireworks of red, white and blue, the inspiration for Francis Scott Key’s "The Star-Spangled Banner" - a poem written in 1814 that has since become America’s national anthem.
Humorous and generous the narcissus represents the children of December. With its compassionate leaves it hides the symbol of beauty, with one 10-10.5 millimeter round freshwater pearl.
As in the summer time gone by, he was seen to steal gently up wherever a butterfly had alighted, and lose himself in contemplation of it. When it took flight his eyes followed the winged vision, as if its airy track would show the path to heaven.
The birth flower of April conveys innocence, loyal love, and purity. The daisy is good at keeping secrets whispering, "I'll never tell". Concealing its good friend, the pearl, in plain sight to protect its beauty.
Sterling silver Snoopy with heart bead
Sterling silver bead with dark pink crystal hearts and round white crystals
Sterling silver basketball charm with orange enamel detailing
Was: $49.99 Now: $24.99
Sterling silver roller skate charm
Sterling silver love dangle bead with pink crystals
Sterling silver "XO" charm with lab-created white sapphires
Sterling silver motorcycle charm with red and black enamel detailing
Sterling silver double-heart Mickey and Minnie enamel bead
Sterling silver pink crystal heart and angel wing bead
Sterling silver bead with 2 heart shaped cubic zirconia stones and red and white enamel heart accents
Sterling silver "To You - From Me" letter bead with a red enamel heart and round white crystals
Was: $39.99 Now: $19.99
Sterling silver plaid glass bead
Was: $34.00 Now: $24.99
Enjoy the forest’s reflections on the lake, they tell a story of purity and life

Made of Italian Glass

Please note, no two beads are exactly the same coloration
Sterling silver and yellow rhodium satin finished bead with 10 round clear white crystals
Was: $49.99 Now: $24.99
Sterling silver Captain America shield dangle charm
Sterling silver flower bead with eight 1 millimeter round clear white crystals and white enamel accents
Was: $29.99 Now: $19.99
Sterling silver dark blue sparkle bead
Sterling silver "I love you to the moon and back" charm with sixteen 1.25 millimeter round clear crystals
Sterling silver dancing couple bead
Sterling silver Captain America shield bead with blue and red enamel details
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