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Sterling silver and enamel Auburn University bead

11x9 millimeters

Collegiate logo is located on both sides of charm

Available online and via special order in store locations
Sterling silver University of Notre Dame collegiate enamel dangle bead

25.4x15.9 millimeters
Sterling silver Wizard of Oz Scarecrow bead with green enamel
Sterling silver Purdue University collegiate enamel dangle bead

25.4x15.9 millimeters
Sterling silver and enamel Louisiana State University bead

11x9 millimeters
Sterling silver West Virginia University collegiate dangle bead

25.4x15.9 millimeters
Was: $39.99 Now: $19.99
Sterling silver pumpkin carriage bead.
Crashing, splashing, foaming and blue, the waves wash onto our shores. Again and again. Nature's great clockwork endlessly ticking away.
The beautiful starfish is found in all colours and sizes. All have 5 arms, a highly symbolic number which represents harmony and balance.
Sterling silver and enamel Pennsylvania State University bead

11x9 millimeters
Sterling silver initial D charm
With reflections that bring your thoughts to Moonstones. These dance on a bed of light blue.
Sterling silver Tampa Bay Buccaneers enameled NFL bead

9.5x9.5 millimeters
There is an old Indian prayer to the armadillo, which says "Protect my borders, teach me my shield, reflect my pain so I do not yield".
The beautiful and unique color from the bottom of the sea comes alive in this bead, where alternating stripes of frosted and transparent glass sift light into the bead in colorful patterns.
Sterling silver reversible Detroit Tigers bead
Magic lamp that only a Genie can control! Make your wishes!
Pink crystal with white crystal bar bead
With humility the violet lives independently, creative and very entertaining, representing the births of February. In luminous purple the violet shouts with conviction “I’ll always be true” while supporting the pearl of beauty.
Months of being buried in books and seeing no friends is over. You have survived exams and rightfully deserves your diploma. Congratulations!
Sterling silver sand castle bead with 'day at the beach' engraving on bottom of bead
Sterling silver United States Navy bead
Sailors have always believed that dolphins are a good omen, and dolphins are seen as guardians of the sea.
In a silent and magical moment you see a blue glimpse of light from the elegant ballerinas of the sea in this simmering glow in the dark glass bead.
Sterling silver Y initial bead
Pair this versatile bangle with any look. Copper bangle includes two copper stoppers. Wear alone or add your favorite beads.

7.9-8.3 inches in length
A great summer bangle! Copper bangle includes glass Scirocco and Oasis Beads, and 2 copper stoppers.

7.9-8.3 inches in length
Sterling silver reversible St. Louis Cardinals bead
No matter what way you turn this bead, you will always have a plus sign smiling up at you. A reminder to stay positive and focus on the good things in life.
Sterling silver Betty Boop Bimbo the Dog bead with black enamel
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