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Sterling silver USA charm with red, white, and blue enamel
Sterling silver reversible Iowa State University dangle bead
Sterling silver reversible Baltimore Orioles bead
Sterling silver bead with 2 heart shaped cubic zirconia stones and red and white enamel heart accents
In Denmark, the bright red ladybug brings about good luck. Little children send them skywards from their fingertips with a gentle blow, singing: "Mary Mary ladybug, do fly to the Lord above and ask that he may let the sun shine tomorrow."
Sterling silver bead with six heart shaped cubic zirconia stones
Sterling silver snowflake bead with red and white crystals
Bring the conch up to your ear and listen: You will hear the bottomless sea calling seductively to you.
Sterling silver flower bead with eight 1 millimeter round clear white crystals and white enamel accents
Light blue crystal with white crystal bar bead
Sterling silver Santa suit charm with red and white enamel
Sterling silver hand painted blue glass bead with snowman
Sterling Silver bracelet set with one 7.5 inch bracelet, one blue and white crystal snowflake bead, one Olaf bead, one snowflake charm and one white crystal bead
Was: $119.00 Now: $89.99
Sterling silver boxed set with one sterling silver anemone flower bead and a Limited Edition Mother's Day pink delight faceted glass bead
Sterling silver and glass Deep Ocean large bead

Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean
  • Sterling silver single-sided golden yellow crystal boy charm with lobster clasp
  • 22x13 millimeter
Was: $49.99 Now: $39.99
  • Sterling silver bead charm with multiple shades of pink crystals
  • 12x8 millimeter
Was: $49.99 Now: $19.99
  • Sterling silver with red enamel and white crystal Santa hat bead charm
  • 13x14 millimeter
  • Limited quantity. While supplies last
Be a life of the party with this Expressions for Helzberg® cocktail charm, which is made of sterling silver and features pink and orange crystals.

18mm x 14.5mm
  • Sterling silver Eiffel Tower charm with lobster clasp
  • 20.5x11.5 millimeter
Was: $29.99 Now: $19.99
  • Transitioning blue and green metallic glass bead charm
  • 13x9 millimeter
  • *Actual coloration and pattern may vary from piece to piece
Crafted from sterling silver, this Expressions for Helzberg® stopper charm features gleaming black and white crystals for a classic look.

11mm x 4mm
  • Sterling silver single-sided blue crystal girl charm with lobster clasp
  • 21x15 millimeter
Bring out the royal fashionista in you with this crown charm, which is made from sterling silver and studded with sparkling white crystals.

9mm x 11mm
  • Sterling silver filigree red glass bead charm
  • 13x13 millimeter
  • *Actual coloration and pattern may vary from piece to piece
  • Sterling silver and faded yellow crystal bead charm
  • 12x7 millimeter
Made from sterling silver, this snazzy Expressions For Helzberg® stopper charm features red enamel coating with the words “I Am Loved” and two rows of glistening white crystals.

10.5mm x 7mm
  • Sterling silver single-sided pink crystal girl charm with lobster clasp
  • 21x15 millimeter
Spread the word of love and awareness with this ribbon charm, which is made of sterling silver and studded with pink crystals.

12mm x 7mm
Put your best foot forward with this quirky sterling silver flip flop charm, which features white crystals and a black crystal heart.

21.5mm x 8.4mm
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