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While some may claim that the dog is man's best friend, it must be true, that the horse is an admirable rival. It has followed mankind for just as long, and the Arabs say it is God's gift to man.
The relationship between humanity and god. The crosses represent faith in god, the heart represents god's love and the star represents the light of god.
Give your heart to someone who will hold it close.
Colorful beauties swimming in the Red Sea in small families.
There is an old Indian prayer to the armadillo, which says "Protect my borders, teach me my shield, reflect my pain so I do not yield".
Sterling silver Wonder Woman bead with white enamel detail
Life picks you up and swirls you around. Seize the moment, but don't get stuck in it. Find your own adventure…
A truly black flower is not found in nature, but is often seen in fashion.
Belonging. Balance. Beauty. That is she.
Here a pearl hides among the leaves of the flowers as a symbol of beauty. Bindweed symbolizes devoted relations, faithfulness and represents the birth flower of September.
Inner Glow is the bead of your interior light, and when brought into the dark it glows - showing you magic.
There is an old Indian prayer to the armadillo, which goes, "Protect my borders, teach me my shield, reflect my pain so I do not yield".
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Sterling silver Mickey Mouse bead with black enamel detail and thirty-eight 1.2 millimeter round crystals
Hiding among the leaves of a buckthorn is a precious pearl of beauty. This birth flower of May represents hope and happiness, only wishing the best for all. 
Sterling silver angel bead with three 1.5 millimeter round crystals
The color purple is the color of inspiration and of art. The Amethyst helps us realize that the strongest boundaries are the ones we put for ourselves and then it helps us break them down and find a new way.
With love and cheerfulness the November birth flower brings the message "You're a Wonderful Friend" in a whispery tone. Focused, determined and a bit emotional the chrysanthemum holds a pearl in its center to symbolize beauty.
There are few creatures as playful and funny as the little kitten, that jumps at anything it can get a hold of, with its big eyes and great eagerness. This is quite a little troublemaker.
Typically dressed in red the poppy stands for imagination and is native in almost every country. This August birth flower holds a freshwater pearl as a symbol of beauty.
Mother and father walking with their newborn in the baby stroller - proud and filled with love.
Elegant stripes reflecting mother of pearl are decorating the Aurora. The ancient people of the North believed that the Aurora was the fire of torches lighting the way to heaven.
Start with bubbles in green and a curvy heart. The stories are yours to share. My Sweet Stories includes one Sterling silver bracelet, one stunning limited edition, glass bead, one beautiful limited edition sterling silver heart and a completely new, limited edition lock.
With humility the violet lives independently, creative and very entertaining, representing the births of February. In luminous purple the violet shouts with conviction “I’ll always be true” while supporting the pearl of beauty.
A heart for every person you love. The glue that holds them together is you.
Symbolizing love and passion, the red pod, a void to house all potential. A nugget of life.
The moonlight casts shadows between the bubbles sparkling from pearl, creating a romantic moment.
The first flower mentioned in the world of literature is the water lily, the flower of July, symbolizing the perfect beauty. Shielding a pearl beneath its petals to protect another symbol of beauty.
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