Radiant Star Diamond Bridal Collection

Sophisticated and feminine, this collection captures the exceptional beauty of our signature 145 facet Radiant Star® diamond, available exclusively at Helzberg Diamonds.

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radiant star diamond collection

About The Helzberg Radiant Star Collection

Complementing the beauty of our Radiant Star diamond, designs of engagement rings and wedding bands are inspired by fine details, opulent textiles, and soft floral motifs. Finishing touches of rose and white gold, intricate bead work, and signature petal prongs are expressed throughout our Radiant Star Bridal Collection.

radiant star diamond collection

About the Radiant Star Diamond

Every Radiant Star diamond is expertly cut with a unique 145 facet pattern that maximizes light return resulting in breathtaking brilliance from every angle. Independently graded by Gemological Science International (GSI) for brilliance, fire, and scintillation, every Radiant Star diamond must achieve at least two Excellent and one Very High ratings on the GSI Light Analysis Scale. Our Radiant Star's signature cut results in superior sparkle and brilliance, making it visibly brighter than other traditional diamonds.