Our jewelry trade-in policy allows you to trade in the Helzberg Diamonds jewelry you no longer wear and upgrade to a new piece. Loose diamonds and diamond solitaire jewelry (pendants, earrings and rings) purchased from Helzberg Diamonds qualify for our trade-in policy. Jewelry and diamond trade-ins are accepted in stores only and certain restrictions apply.

Helzberg Diamonds Trade In Policy

Key Facts

  • You will receive credit equal to 100% of the original purchase price toward the purchase of a new diamond.
  • You may only trade in loose diamonds and diamond solitaire jewelry that was originally purchased from Helzberg Diamonds, and you may only trade in your jewelry for new diamond jewelry. A receipt must be present at the time of trade-in.
  • The price of your new diamond must be at least two times the price of the original purchase price.
  • Your diamond must be in its original mounting with the original diamond grading report and up-to-date on inspections. Fees may apply for any damaged or lost reports.

Trade-In Policy FAQs

Can I trade-in other jewelry like pearls, sapphires, etc.?

Under our trade-in policy, only loose diamonds and diamond jewelry (such as pendants, earrings and rings) are eligible for trade-ins.

Can I bring in diamonds that I purchased at other jewelry stores?

Only diamond jewelry originally purchased from Helzberg Diamonds is eligible for trade-ins under our trade-in policy.

Can I conduct the trade-in over the phone, through email, or on the website?

Our trade-in policy only allows for trade-ins to occur in-person at one of our stores. You can find a store near you, bring in your diamonds you wish to trade in, and our in-store experts will guide you through the process of getting your new diamond.

Can I trade in diamond jewelry for store credit (for future use)?

Helzberg's trade-in policy does not allow for store credit from diamond trade-ins. Trade-ins are only allowed with the upgrade to a new diamond piece. The new diamond piece does not have to be of the same style or type of jewelry as the original. For example, if you trade in a pair of diamond earrings, you may upgrade to a new diamond ring as long as the price of your new ring is at least two times the price of the original earrings.

After completing your trade-in and upgrade, please see our Jewelry Guarantee and Lifetime Care Plan, which will provide a comprehensive protection plan and safeguard the value of your new diamonds.

Our trade-in policy cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer and excludes WOW items, Limited Edition items, pre-owned purchases, clearance, Juno Lucina®, precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry, pearl jewelry or diamond fashion jewelry.

For questions on our trade-in policy, call 1-800-HELZBERG or find a store near you.