Loose Diamonds

Looking for that perfect diamond? With over 20,000 loose diamonds to choose from, you’re sure to find that one that is unique to you or that special person you’re buying it for. With FREE in-store viewing, finding your diamond has never been easier.


Interested in viewing our loose diamonds in store? Helzberg Diamonds offers FREE IN-STORE PREVIEW on up to 2 loose diamonds.

Our diamonds have a truly brilliant shine that you'll have to see for yourself to believe - and you can, thanks to our free in-store preview on every loose diamond offered. Find your nearest store today and choose from our selection of over 20,000 loose diamonds.

Look in-depth at a diamond with our Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool, or ASET. This advanced technology was developed by the American Gem Society to analyze the paths of light traveling through a stone. The ASET's color-coded results will reveal intricate details in the cut of each loose diamond that you wouldn't be able to see through a regular microscope.

Create Your Own helzberg Diamond Ring™

The perfect engagement ring may be the one you create yourself. Choose a shape or if you like we also feature unique settings designed to bring out a diamond's dazzle and shine.

Diamond Education

Helzberg Diamonds is proud to be a member of the AGS. Only 5% of jewelers, designers, appraisers, and suppliers across the nation meet the strict standards of customer protection and industry integrity that this organization establishes. Going beyond the Four C's of Diamonds, you can learn more about diamond shape, quality and care below. Or stop in to examine them yourself at your nearest store today.

Learn About the 4 C's


This is the biggie! How shallow, how deep, determine how to find a diamond that will dazzle with a brilliant, fiery light.

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Diamond color is graded by letter. That letter indicates the whiteness and rarity of the diamond.

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Inclusions, birthmarks, blemishes... the natural identity marks within each diamond define its clarity.

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Carat Weight

Measured in carats, a diamond's carat weight will determine it's size.

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Learn About Diamond Shapes

Some highlight sparkle, some enhance the glow and others bring out the brilliance. All shapes are designed to make a diamond come to life.

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The 4 C's of Diamonds

Discover everything you need to know about diamonds and our standards for beauty and brilliance.

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Why Shop Helzberg

We're here to make your shopping experience easy. Rest assured the diamond you choose is backed by the most rigorous standards in the industry.

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Diamond Shape Education

Diamond Care

Bring your diamond jewelry in to your local Helzberg store any time for a complimentary cleaning and inspection.


  • Use jewelry polishing cloths - use jewelry polishing cloths for best results, but any soft cloth can also work. The fibers in facial tissue or paper towels can actually cause scratches.
  • Clean jewelry with warm water - hot water can react with cleaning fluids and can lead to discoloration.
  • Don't clean damaged jewelry - handling jewelry that is damaged, cracked or broken will most likely worsen the damage. If you find that a piece of jewelry is damaged, bring it in to your local Helzberg store for repair.


  • Remove diamond jewelry during manual tasks - when in doubt, remove your jewelry during common manual tasks to prevent physical damage or exposure to chemicals or cleaning fluids.
  • Put diamond jewelry on after applying makeup - cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotion can contain chemicals that can often damage jewelry.
  • Don't wear diamond jewelry in swimming pools or spas - the chlorine in pools and spas can react with jewelry metals causing color changes and even structural damage.


  • Store diamond jewelry carefully - place silver anti-tarnish strips in your storage container to absorb the oxidants that discolor and tarnish jewelry.
  • Use a jewelry case when traveling - cases are usually made of fabric or soft leather.
  • Store diamonds separately - diamonds can scratch softer gems, so it's best to keep them in soft pouches inside your jewelry box
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