Choosing a Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

Love is universal, but your love is unique. Some couples are thrilled with the idea of participating in the tradition of diamond engagement rings and they see diamonds as symbols of rarity, elegance, and beauty. But you may choose a different kind of ring, with a more personal meaning.

More and more couples are choosing non-traditional engagement rings, and their reasons are as varied as the couples themselves. You may choose a non-traditional for a bolder look, or because it fits a modern style, or simply because it represents your love better than a traditional engagement ring.

Finding the engagement ring that embodies your love and your relationship isn’t easy but can be deeply rewarding, and Helzberg Diamonds would love to help you on your search.

Unique Diamond Styles

Non-traditional doesn’t have to mean non-diamond. Maybe you’d prefer a colored diamond instead of a white one, or perhaps you’d like a diamond with an unexpected cut.

If you’re looking for a non-traditional engagement ring but still want to keep a sense of custom, consider a vintage-inspired engagement ring. These rings nod to the classic style but bring personality and uniqueness that make them elegant and unusual engagement ring options.

If Not a Diamond, Then What?

When you don’t limit yourself to a diamond ring, you open up a wide variety of options. If you’re choosing a non-traditional ring, chances are you want to make a statement, so get creative.

Here are a few examples of non-traditional engagement rings that you might consider:

Gemstone Rings

Whether you’re drawn to a deep blue sapphire or a soft pink morganite or any color in between, you can find a wonderful expression of your personality with vibrant gemstones engagement rings. You could try a gemstone like moissanite if you like the look of diamonds but you’d prefer an alternative. Moissanite is nearly colorless, stunningly brilliant and increasingly popular.

Lab-Created Diamonds

Another choice to consider for your engagement ring is lab-created diamonds. Created by modern science, these real diamonds nod to the modernity of your relationship.

Anniversary Rings

Maybe you chose a traditional look for your engagement ring but you’d like to style it differently now. Anniversary rings are a great way to give your ring a new look. You can choose a contrasting metal or add some color with a gemstone anniversary ring. Use your design sense to mix and match and create a masterpiece.

You want your engagement ring to speak to you and your partner, to capture your personality and spirit. Browse the breathtaking collection of engagement rings at Helzberg Diamonds to get a sense of the styles that best suit you. And, if you have trouble deciding, visit one of our Helzberg Diamonds locations and let our expert sales team assist you.