Diamond Shape

The shape of a diamond refers to its overall form (round, princess, pear, etc.)

A diamond's shape is its most basic characteristic, and one that most people can identify on first glance.


A round brilliant cut stone is the most popular shape available. The cut maximizes fire and brilliance.


A stone cut into a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners that has brilliant style cutting on the crown and pavilion facets.


A cushion cut combines a square cut with rounded corners letting the diamond return light in a chunkier pattern than more modern cuts.


A rectangular or square cut that features step cuts. the stone’s larger facets are cut like steps that create a mirrored effect that looks like a staircase.


A stone cut into an elongated circle. This cut has similar brilliance to a round diamond and accentuates long, slender fingers.


A square stone cut to have a complete brilliant-cut facet pattern applied to both the crown and pavilion.


A pear stone cut is also called a teardrop with a single point and rounded end. This shape can create a slimming effect on the fingers.


A heart shape is the universal symbol of love. look for stones where the top arches are even, the stone is symmetrical and the cleft is clearly defined.


A fancy gemstone cut; long and pointed at both ends. This cut can maximize the carat weight, making the stone appear larger.


A stone cut similar to a square emerald cut, usually with larger step facets, a higher crown, and a smaller table.