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Promise rings symbolize commitment. Represent your vow with a promise ring from Helzberg Diamonds.

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Commemorate the bond with your special someone with Helzberg's breathtaking promise rings. Whether it's a promise ring for a girlfriend to remember you by, a token of your committment, or just a simple "I Love You" gift, make it count. A promise ring is also a lot more than just the precursor to engagement. For example, a diamond promise ring may represent returning home from a journey, and a gold promise ring may symbolize the beginning of the next step in your relationship - while an infinity promise ring's meaning could be as simple as letting your partner know you're with them forever.

How do you select the perfect promise ring for your partner? There are some questions you can consider to help guide your choices. First, are you getting the ring due to some special event? If so, you can make the ring tie into the event somehow. If it's due to your first shared living space, you can say that the one diamond represents the one home you'll both now share. Or if you're about to leave on a long trip, you can find a two-gemstone promise ring to say that no matter how far apart you are, your two hearts will always be close. Use your imagination to decide how metals like sterling silver and yellow gold could represent your unique relationship. And whether it's a promise ring for him or a promise ring for her, these are appropriate for any gender.

Helzberg Diamonds offers a large assortment of promise rings to accomodate you. Our selection also includes white gold and rose gold, along with black and white diamonds and even colored gemstones. No matter what you're looking for - from simple and cute, to elaborate and elegant - Helzberg Diamonds has the promise ring for you. You can preview any diamond before you buy at any Helzberg store, or shop online here today!

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