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Citizen is at the forefront of modern watchmaking, continually pushing the boundaries of technology forward. Citizen leverages their substantial experience towards exploring new possibilities. The Citizen Eco-Drive and Drive from Citizen Eco-Drive collections include watches made to fit your needs and wants, with a wide variety of styles and functions. And every watch is backed with a five year limited warranty.

Citizen's proprietary Eco-Drive technology was developed over 40 years ago and harnesses the power of the light around you to power your watch. That means a Citizen Eco-Drive watch never needs a battery replaced, and it's more environmentally friendly too.

Citizen uses a precise timekeeping technology known as Atomic Timekeeping that receives radio signals from atomic clocks across the northern hemisphere. This keeps your watch accurate with no effort from you.

The first titanium watch was also created by Citizen, and they've been a leader in titanium watches ever since. Citizen perfected their technique with the Super Titanium fabrication, which features watches that are 40% lighter and five times harder than stainless steel.

Citizen's newest technological advancement is Satellite Wave Technology. This allows a timepiece to have the fastest sync time with Earth-orbiting GPS satellites. That means your watch is an ultra-accurate precision timepiece with worldwide reception - no matter where you might be.

Helzberg Diamonds' collection of Citizen watches is unbeatable. Choose from our wide selection of men's and women's Citizen watches, from simple and classic, to sophisticated and elegant, to casual and sporty, to modern and high-tech. Find your next watch today!

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