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    Peridot Engagement Rings

    Bursting with exhilarating intensity, peridot has been called the evening emerald. Capture its invigorating essence with a stunning peridot engagement ring.

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    white, yellow & rose gold peridot engagement rings

    Add a flash of captivating color to their finger with a striking peridot engagement ring. Prized by emperors, empresses, kings and pharaohs, peridot gemstones have been popular among nobility for more than two millennia. Bright and vivid green, the mesmerizing stones have long been associated with life-giving light. In fact, the ancient Egyptians dubbed peridot the “gemstone of the sun.” 

    Often confused for an emerald, peridot differs in key ways. While emerald gemstones have a deep, verdant hue, peridot gemstones range in color from a mossy green to a bolder olive green.  Most emerald gemstones have visible inclusions, but peridot gemstones appear clearer. Also, due to a superior refractive index and exceptional clarity, peridot often shines brighter than emerald. This quality gives peridot an eye-catching beauty when set amid white, yellow or blush rose gold engagement rings.

    There are several peridot engagement rings to choose from, including solitaire, halo, three-stone and vintage-inspired designs. Many of these jewelry pieces are enhanced with resplendent diamonds which provide scintillating brilliance that complements peridot's gorgeous green beauty.

    Explore Helzberg’s entire selection and discover gemstone engagement rings in every size, shape and style. Discover diverse designs with peridot, emerald and other gemstone combinations. You can even create your own engagement ring for a more personalized expression of love.