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Round Engagement Rings

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Round Engagement Rings at Helzberg Diamonds

A round engagement ring has a timeless appeal that fits many clothing styles and personalities. If you want a diamond ring, the round cut is the most brilliant available. In fact, jewelers also call it the brilliant cut. With 58 facets that reflect light, a round diamond has more fire than all the other diamond shapes. The funneled shape of a diamond cut this way brings light to the flat surface on the top, which is the most visible.

Almost 75% of all diamonds on the market come in the round cut, so you'll have almost endless choices at your fingertips. You'll find classic solitaires set in white, yellow and 14K rose gold, as well as other precious metals like platinum. Alternatively, you can choose a halo or double halo ring, where one or two rounds of smaller stones surround the main diamond, making it look more brilliant and slightly bigger. The three-stone setting has three round cut diamonds, usually a bigger one in the center and two smaller ones on the sides.

Another pro of round cut diamond engagement rings is that the stone has no sharp edges, to minimize the issue of chipping. It also tends to not snag on clothes, to prevent discomfort and damage to the ring itself.

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