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When choosing an engagement ring, you’ll want to consider style, metal, and stones. Diamond rings are undoubtedly the most popular ring style, with common settings including three stone, channel set, halo, and solitaire. Of these, diamond solitaire and halo rings are similar, with the difference being a solitaire engagement ring has one center stone, while a halo has a center stone surrounded by smaller stones.

The most common metals for engagement rings include gold, such as traditional yellow gold, modern white gold, and rose gold. Platinum, a white metal that resembles silver or white gold, is also an option and considered the most precious of metals.

Probably the most exciting choice when it comes to choosing gemstone or diamond rings is the stone. Your choices include traditional cuts like round, oval, and princess, as well as more stylish options like pear, marquise, and octagon. As far as the stone itself, stunning white diamonds are the classic pick, but they’re far from the only choice. You can also choose from colored diamonds of blue, pink, champagne, and black, among others. If you’re looking for an alternative to diamonds, there is no shortage of precious gemstones. Consider blue stones like sapphire, aquamarine, and tanzanite; pink or red stones like morganite, amethyst, and ruby; or green stones like emerald and peridot. There are even white stones such as moissanite that mimic the look and sparkle of diamonds.

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