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    Unique Engagement Rings



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    Unique Engagement Rings at Helzberg Diamonds

    Unique engagement rings come in very original styles to delight your loved one. Since they're not easy to find, they may feel more personal in comparison with very common ring styles.

    Many of these diamond rings have a double diamond halo setting, which consists of two circles of smaller diamonds or other gemstones around the main stone. This particular setting enhances the beauty of the center stone, since the smaller stones reflect the light on it. It may also make the main diamond look slightly larger.

    Other diamond engagement rings from this category feature intricate bands with a side-stone setting, which means that many small stones adorn the band of the ring. This way, the center diamond looks even more beautiful. This ring style is a good choice for wedding rings as well. Whether you choose white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum, these pieces of jewelry make a fashion statement even with the simplest outfit.

    You can also choose a gemstone engagement ring with an original setting. Blue sapphire, aquamarine, topaz and other birthstones look lovely in complex ring settings such as double halo, in combination with sparkly diamonds. Morganite is a smart choice if you're on a budget. It has a feminine pink hue and offers a good level of brilliance for a fraction of the cost of a diamond. Whatever type of engagement ring you're looking for, our experts at Helzberg Diamonds are happy to help you find the right one.