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    White Gold Engagement Rings

    Our white gold rings for women are designed to impress. The silvery shine of 14K white gold illuminates her stone. Learn all about metals, and find the white gold diamond ring on her wishlist.

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    White Gold Engagement Rings by Helzberg Diamonds

    Beautiful white gold engagement rings from Helzberg Diamonds make an excellent choice for getting the look of platinum jewelry while still maintaining your budget. The durability of 14K white gold means it’ll stand the test of time, holding it’s shaped for years to come. If you’re buying for someone with sensitive skin, look for a bridal set that’s nickel-free.

    Ensure the ring you choose carries meaning beyond the promise of a shared life. Get a three-stone setting to tell the story of your past, future, and present together. Choose an exotic pink sapphire to emphasize loyalty and sincerity or aquamarine to inspire a sense of calm, invoking trust. Try a traditional diamond ring with a trendy 1/4 carat princess cut diamond that complements the sparkle in her eye or get edgy with a 3/4 carat pear cut that accentuates her uniqueness.

    Spice up your white gold engagement ring by adding a touch of color with yellow gold accents or colored gemstones. Yellow citrine shines like the sun, while purple amethyst resonates with royalty. For thoughts of growth and prosperity look for a ring with the delicate green of a peridot stone or inspire confidence with blue topaz. The eye-catching pearlescent shine of opal makes an ideal choice for a woman who likes to show off her fiance’s love. Discover the perfect engagement ring for the one you love at Helzberg Diamonds.