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Sapphire Jewelry

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Sapphire Jewelry & Engagement Rings at Helzberg Diamonds

With its intense blue hue, sapphire jewelry conveys feelings of serenity, and it symbolizes integrity, piety and wisdom. This attractive blue stone, which is the birthstone for September, became particularly popular after Prince Charles gave a sapphire engagement ring to Lady Diana.

Blue sapphire is the most common variety, but you'll find this stone even in white, pink, purple, yellow, orange and green. White sapphires are an amazing alternative to diamonds, and they can be considerably cheaper. In comparison with a diamond, a white sapphire has more body color and a softer appearance. Pink sapphires are said to symbolize, love, trust and loyalty. They are available in various shades of pink and look stunning against a yellow or white gold setting.

Colored sapphires look good with both 14k yellow and white gold as well as sterling silver and platinum, while white sapphire pairs well with rose gold as well. If you choose to wear a blue sapphire ring, bracelet or pendant by night, try to pair it with complementary colors like coral and orange. You'll achieve a bold and fashionable look. Blue sapphire also pairs well with bright green fashion pieces and accessories.

For everyday wear, match a pair of stud earrings with sapphires to any black outfit in your wardrobe. Since blue is a neutral color, the piece of gemstone jewelry will look elegant but not overpowering.

If you're planning to emulate Lady Diana and get a sapphire engagement ring, try a halo setting. The halo of diamonds makes the gemstone stand out and look even more attractive. Our trusted advisors at Helzberg Diamonds can help you choose the best setting for you.

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