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Emerald Rings

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Emerald Green Rings at Helzberg Diamonds

Emerald rings, with their rich green hue and unmatchable shine, are a popular choice for those shopping for gifts or the final touch to a special outfit. As May's birthstone, emerald brings to mind the bright green color of growing grass and other spring sights.

The bold color of the emerald is a stunning match for several types of metal. Many wearers enjoy the classic beauty and contrast offered by yellow gold. Those looking for a crisp, modern look often choose white gold or sterling silver. With its durability and shine, platinum is another choice to consider. 

Green emeralds fit seamlessly into a wide range of ring styles and designs. Shoppers drawn to vintage styles often enjoy halo-style rings, which feature large emerald stones encircled by small diamonds or white sapphires. Some rings have one large emerald accented by smaller emeralds, and others feature bands inlaid with diamonds. Emerald and diamond rings offer a complex palette of colors and hues. Some engagement rings also feature emerald accents.

While emerald rings are considered birthstone jewelry, you don't have to have a May birthday to enjoy this stone's naturally bright color. Whether you are commemorating a special event, shopping for a gift set, or just looking for a new addition to your jewelry box, shop emerald jewelry at Helzberg Diamonds.