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Heart Rings

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Shop Heart Rings at Helzberg Diamonds

Nothing says "love" like a heart ring. Whether you choose to give this gift as a promise ring, an engagement ring, or a symbol of your love, there are plenty of options to explore. Rings are available in a wide range of metals and include dual-tone pieces that create a striking look. If you want an eye-catching gemstone, you can choose from an array of birthstones and gems.

As you start your search, consider which type of metal best captures your beloved's style. White gold and sterling silver are classic options that offer brilliant shine, while yellow and rose gold supply a warm hue to your ring of choice. You can also look into dual-tone rings, such as those that have interwoven metal options or different metals for the heart and the band.

You can choose from rings that create the heart shape with your chosen metal and those that feature a heart-shaped gemstone. Your loved one's birthstone is a thoughtful choice for a jewelry gift, but you can also choose the stone matching your anniversary date or the wearer's favorite stone. Whether you opt for amethyst, topaz, or white sapphire, the ring you choose is sure to impress.

Other features produce unforgettable rings. Instead of a single heart design, you might prefer a ring that features two interwoven or overlapping hearts. Some pieces create a halo effect with a tiny ring of diamonds encircling the main stone.

Finding the right heart ring ensures you offer a beautiful and meaningful gift. Start your search at Helzberg.