Lab-Created Multi-Gemstone Stud Earrings & Jacket Box Set in Sterling Silver

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Sterling silver stud earrings & jacket box set with two 4 millimeter round lab-created emeralds, two 4 millimeter round lab-created rubies, two 4 millimeter round lab-created blue sapphires and eight round lab-created white sapphires

Product Specifications

Gemstone Length:
4.00 mm
Gemstone Width:
4.00 mm
Stone Type:
Center Stone Color:
Center Stone Nature:
Lab Created
Stone Shape:
Metal Type:
Metal Color:
Item Length:
19.00 mm
Item Width:
9.00 mm

All jewelry has been enlarged to show beauty of detail. Gemstones may have been treated or enhanced by heating or irradiation. Rubies may be treated or enhanced by heating and/or filled with glass or fluxes. Gemstones require special care in jewelry repair or cleaning.


Learn more about colored gemstones.



There's no better way to demonstrate your love than by giving a ruby in celebration of a July birthday. Rubies arouse the senses, stir the imagination, and are said to guarantee health, wisdom, wealth and success in love. Ruby is a variety of the gems species corundum. It is harder than any natural gemstone except diamond, which means a ruby is durable enough for everyday wear. Fine-quality ruby is extremely rare, and the color of the gem is most important to its value. The most prized color is a medium or medium dark vivid red or slightly purplish red. If the gem is too light or has too much purple or orange, it will be called a fancy-color sapphire.

Caring for your ruby jewelry is a simple process that will ensure that your gemstone maintains its beautiful sparkle. The best way to keep your gem clean is to bring it to your local Helzberg Diamonds store for a complimentary cleaning and inspection. At home, you can brighten your ruby jewelry by gentling wiping the gemstone with a jewelry polishing cloth and warm water.