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When it comes to finding that perfect piece of jewelry, there are so many details to consider. And one of the biggest is metal color. White gold vs. yellow gold vs. rose gold — which is best for your skin tone and unique style? Fortunately, we can help you decide. Here's how to pick a metal that will complement your natural beauty.

Yellow gold

Love that timeless feel? Classic yellow gold is perfect for you. Versatile enough for elegant and casual pieces, this lustrous metal is a favorite choice for modern and vintage-inspired styles.

But while yellow gold can look great on anyone, it's particularly striking against olive and darker skin tones. That doesn't mean it won't work for lighter complexions, but you should test the waters to see if you like the fit. If you're not thrilled with the color balance, try comparing it to rose gold, especially if you have paler skin with pink or cool undertones.

Rose gold

Rose gold has become a trendy favorite in recent years, appearing on everything from champagne-colored runway dresses to stylish iPhone shells. A growing force in the jewelry world, the romantic blush metal is a delicate balance of silver, yellow gold and copper. Rose gold radiates warmth, making it flattering on virtually any skin type.

Skin tone isn't the only consideration when comparing rose gold and yellow gold jewelry. There's also the gemstone. Fortunately, rose gold's pink hues provide a lovely backdrop for colored birthstones and are also stunning in contrast with glittering white diamonds. So don't be afraid to get creative and embrace that warm, romantic feel.

White gold

Refined and fashion-forward, white gold is an affordable alternative to platinum. It has a cool, versatile look many people love, and its modern, silvery sheen looks great with both rosy and fair skin tones.

When comparing white gold vs. yellow gold, skin tone is a key consideration. White gold is a fashionable neutral that looks especially stylish on lighter skin tones, while yellow gold can sometimes seem a little too harsh.

That said, some fair-skinned people feel that white gold washes them out. It can often help to mix in different metals to strike a perfect balance between your jewelry and your natural skin tone.

Mixing and matching different golds

Yellow gold, white gold or rose gold? Why not just answer “yes” to them all? Once an alleged fashion faux pas, mixing metals has become a red-hot trend. Create visual interest by layering contrasting metals.

If you have trouble making gold pieces work with your skin tone, adding rose or white gold can help bring harmony to your look. It takes a little trial and error to find a beautiful blend. Drop by a local Helzberg and let our attentive consultants help you explore different combinations until you find the look that fits perfectly with your unique style.

Still have questions? Consult our jewelry metal guide. Then, shop all gold, white gold, and rose gold jewelry and find your next favorite piece at Helzberg.