december birthstone jewelry: blue topaz & tanzanite

Commitment. Longevity. Generosity. Like a winter sky, December birthstone jewelry is icy blue to violet. Enjoy styles like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings frosted by blue topaz and tanzanite December birthstones.

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Tanzanite & Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold (1/10 ct. tw.)
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Oval Tanzanite & Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold
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blue topaz or tanzanite fine jewelry: the birthstone for december birthdays

From pale violet to depthless blue, December birthstones radiate color. Perfectly poised between rich purple, velvety violet and vibrant blue, tanzanite is an exotic stone found only near Mount Kilimanjaro. The deep and saturated color provides a compelling aesthetic for designer jewelry pieces, from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings. Not to be outdone, blue topaz is another December birthstone that makes a meaningful gift any time of the year. Helzberg has a diverse selection of gorgeous tanzanite and topaz jewelry for every style and budget.

Add a splash of color to your neckline with a mesmerizing tanzanite or topaz necklace from Helzberg. The icy cool gems add an element of intrigue to any ensemble. The surprisingly versatile stones also pair beautifully with white, rose and yellow gold.

Looking for an impactful jewelry gift? Consider a beautiful blue topaz and diamond bracelet in stunning sterling silver. Searching for something truly special? Select a breathtaking tanzanite tennis bracelet with lab-created white sapphires and watch their eyes widen with delight.

Mined exclusively from the Merelani Hills of northern Tanzania, tanzanite is the most popular blue gemstone after sapphire. Icy blue topaz is another favored gem, available in a subtle sky-tinted hue or intense ink blue. Set amid an artfully fashioned Helzberg ring, both stones evoke feelings of cool sophistication and fresh, fun vibes.

Glittering with vivid color, December birthstone earrings add a striking flair to your look. From tanzanite and diamond drop earrings to London blue topaz studs, Helzberg has a vast selection for any occasion and style. Find lovely pieces in sterling silver, white, rose and yellow gold, and stand out for all the right reasons.