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lab grown diamond emerald-cut halo engagement ring in 14k white gold (4 ct. tw.)
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1 ct. tw. Diamond Emerald-Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold
Holiday Sale

emerald-cut diamond engagement rings

With their chiseled facets, sharp lines and vintage feel, emerald solitaire rings are incredibly popular among modern brides-to-be. The shape’s clipped corners and long parallel step cuts maximize light to create fiery sparkle. With a larger surface table compared to other cuts, these breathtaking diamonds give the impression of a larger stone without compromising price.

Cut to showcase each diamond’s spectacular clarity, the rectangle engagement rings provides a chic, elegant look. Choose refined pale white gold for its cool sophistication. Go for a more traditional look with a classic yellow gold design. An emerald cut ring also shines beautifully in blush rose gold metal.

With legendary strength and luster, platinum is one of the purest and rarest precious metals used in modern jewelry pieces. Stunningly beautiful, these diamonds showcase long lines that give the stone a scintillating and sophisticated look. When combined, they yield a truly breathtaking ring worthy of your betrothed.

At Helzberg Diamonds, you have options when it comes to the stone for your engagement ring. Your partner should have an engagement ring as radiant as your love. Choose a natural diamond engagement ring, emerald cut moissanite, or lab grown diamond for their engagement ring. With fiery rainbow flashes, our moissanite options elevate your monumental moment. Their beyond-compare sparkle and incredible durability perfectly fit your forever.

Shop all of Helzberg engagement rings and choose a gemstone that suits their preference and style. You can also create your own emerald shape ring for a more personalized jewelry piece.