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high-tech watches

There’s nothing more classic than finishing off a crisply tailored suit or little black dress with a coordinating, high-tech watch. Whether you’re going to a dinner party or a fundraising event, a timeless diamond smart watch adds an extra-special touch when you’re shaking hands or graciously gesturing during a celebratory speech. Helzberg Diamonds watches effortlessly blend function and style. 

We offer a wide selection of women’s and men’s watches, including Tissot® watches, G-Shock watches, Movado® watches and Citizen® Eco-Drive™ watches. Prefer the straightforward display of an analog watch? We offer a wide variety. Looking for a luxe diamond smart watch to gift your significant other? We’re happy to help you make a selection. When you’re shopping for the best high-tech watches, look for tech watches from Helzberg Diamonds.

discover the latest innovations

Technology watches feature a variety of fanciful features. Take, for instance, Citizen Eco-Drive watches, which include atomic timekeeping for on-the-dot accuracy so you’re never late for that big meeting or important event. If you’re taking a break from the work environment, enjoy the 100-meter-depth resilience of Tissot watches as you jump into the sparkling, clear waters of the Pacific or Atlantic.  

experience the future of timekeeping with high-tech watches

Savor the style of a high-tech digital watch, no matter your budget. From the tough and rugged G-Shock watches with their indestructible construction to the elegant Movado® watches inspired by artistry and innovation, Helzberg Diamonds watches come in a plethora of price ranges to make the best high-tech watches accessible to all. Visit a Helzberg Diamonds store, or shop our online selection of high-tech watches.