Luxe Jewelry

Luxury meets legendary. Helzberg Diamonds offers timelessly elegant high-end diamond jewelry masterfully crafted from precious metals and gemstones. Each investment piece in our curated jewelry collection is a treasure to be passed down for generations.

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Diamond Multi-Row Band in 18K White Gold (9 ct. tw.)
Online Only - 20% Off
Diamond Rolling Eternity Band
Online Only - 20% Off

Signature Collection Diamond Rolling Eternity Band

$3,999.00 - $4,299.00
Round & Emerald-Cut Diamond Band
Online Only - 20% Off

indulge in the pinnacle of luxury 

Looking for statement diamond jewelry for a special occasion, a wedding or anniversary band to commemorate a milestone in your relationship, or a versatile, bespoke ring you can wear every day? Our luxe lineup offers a perfect balance of fiery brilliance, thoughtful design, and high-quality materials. 
Whether you’re selecting a gift for a special someone or you’re purchasing a high-end diamond gift for yourself, each piece in our curated luxe collection offers a sophisticated timelessness rarely replicated. 

revel in curated diamond jewelry 

Jewelry is an expression of personal and inner beauty, providing a shimmering window into the soul. Helzberg’s luxury jewelry offerings extend to rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. 

  • You’ve promised her eternity, now delight her with a quietly elegant eternity band from our Signature Collection that features round and emerald-cut diamonds that encircle her finger and symbolize a life well loved. 
  • Honor the love you share with a statement ring from the Light Heart collection that features rolling pave’ lab grown diamonds wrapped around a yellow gold band. 
  • Add a bit of mystique to a more formal occasion by draping a strand of alluring Tahitian pearls across your decolletage. The luminescent dark tones exude a unique sophistication. 
  • Select an exquisite pendant necklace from our luxe collection to add a delicate touch of shimmer to your everyday wardrobe. 
  • Let the flicker of diamond earrings frame the sparkle in your eyes. Statement-making dangle earrings elevate any outfit with modern charm. 
  • Help her coordinate her other diamond jewelry by adding a classic diamond tennis bracelet to her collection. She can wear it as a standalone piece or stack other jewelry on her wrist. 

Helzberg Diamonds has committed to masterfully crafted luxury and statement piece jewelry for more than a century. Browse our carefully curated selection of exclusive jewelry pieces designed to transcend trends and withstand the test of time.