Expressive. Elevated. Everyday.

Mix, Match & Layer

Create an expressive look that’s all your own.

Modern Materials

Gold, vermeil and lab grown diamonds = beauty at attainable prices.

Made to Love & Last

Backed by high quality standards so you can enjoy them always.

Made for the Way You Wear It

Rules? With Scout & Lark, there are no rules. Get adventurous with affordably luxe pieces that can be worn however and whenever you want.

About the Collection

Scout & Lark is a collective of jewelry designers who believe luxury should live beyond the occasional. The name Scout & Lark marries two ideas: the “Scout” — imaginative, resilient and innovative; and the “Lark” — melodic, spirited and lovely. With equal parts strength and beauty, these characteristics define each piece of jewelry, offering an external expression of what lies inside the one who wears it.