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Ribbed Ring in Vermeil

Laure by Aurate Ribbed Ring in Vermeil

Price reduced from $150.00 to $99.99

defining demi-fine jewelry

Demi-fine jewelry typically uses sterling silver as its base metal for its durability and brilliant shine. To enhance its longevity and create a luxurious look, it often features precious metal plating, most commonly 14K gold — including rose gold and white gold — or rhodium. Vermeil jewelry offers another thicker plating of gold atop sterling silver for a warm, luxurious look. 

The high-end style of demi-fine jewelry gives you access to pieces that are durable and scratch-resistant, and they won’t dull over time like costume jewelry. This makes earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets perfect for everyday wear and special occasions alike. 

elevate your look with demi-fine rings

Demi-fine rings are a fantastic way to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday style. From delicate bands to statement cocktail rings, there's a ring to suit every taste. Add a yellow gold vermeil band with sparkling inset diamonds as your signature piece. Select a gold ring with a deep-red ruby stone and sparkling white sapphire clusters. Or go with the trendy geometric design of a vermeil “X” ring. 

demi-fine bracelets that dazzle

Elevate your wrist with the captivating elegance of demi-fine bracelets. Whether you prefer a simple chain or a more intricate design with charms or gemstones, these bracelets add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Create a stack of colorful beaded bracelets linked with gold vermeil. Adorn your wrist with a delicate chain bracelet featuring a single, sparkling gemstone. Or choose a thicker Cuban gold bracelet to add a pop of shine. 

make a bold impression with demi-fine earrings

Demi-fine earrings come in a wide range of styles, including timeless studs, statement hoops, or delicate dangles. Select emerald-cut gold vermeil studs as your everyday staple. Wrap up a pair of classic diamond hoops for a friend. Or select a pair of vertical bar drop earrings to wear with a more formal look. 

discover the beauty of demi-fine necklaces

No jewelry collection is complete without a stunning necklace. Demi-fine necklaces come in various lengths and styles, from delicate chokers to dramatic lariat necklaces. Select a pearl necklace as a milestone gift for a spouse or child. Add bold glamour with a gold-vermeil Y-necklace featuring marquise-cut emeralds. Or layer multiple vermeil chains in varying lengths to create a modern style. 

the allure of demi-fine jewelry

Compared to solid gold or platinum jewelry, demi-fine pieces are significantly more accessible, and the combination of sterling silver and precious metal plating can withstand everyday wear and tear. Each of these pieces in our collection can effortlessly transition from day to night, making them perfect for various occasions.
Helzberg Diamonds offers a wide-ranging inventory of both fine jewelry and demi-fine pieces for attainable luxury. Shop online, or visit us in stores to find the perfect everyday accessories and gifts.