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You may not recognize the name Peter Carl Fabergé, but you’re likely familiar with the Russian jeweler’s famed Fabergé eggs with their intricate gemstones and use of precious metals. Fabergé first used rose gold by blending pure gold with other elements in his works to impress Russian empresses and tsars in the late 19th century. 
What is rose gold, though? And is rose gold “real gold”? The answer to the latter is an emphatic “Yes.” And if you want to know what rose gold, it’s a combination of gold and copper, often with a small percentage of silver added. Here’s a bit more about how rose gold is made, how to wear it and some of our favorite rose gold gifts

the history of rose gold 

We have our pal Peter Fabergé to thank for the creation of rose gold metal, which is a combination of gold and copper with a small percentage of silver added. The alloy gained popularity at the height of the Roaring Twenties and continued its notoriety after World War II. Rose gold went beyond traditional silvers and golds, offering what many considered a more feminine, romantic, blush-like tone. Cartier, a luxury Parisian jeweler founded in 1847, also helped popularize rose gold, creating a trinity ring intertwining white, yellow and rose gold — a playful commingling of metal. Rose gold color has continued to reappear throughout the decades, including the 2020s, defined by fashions of the era. 

rose gold today  

The subtle shade of metal exudes luxury and romance, with a hint of the unexpected, whether you’re wearing a rose gold engagement ring or you’ve bought yourself rose gold stud earrings. When you see a piece of jewelry composed of 18K rose gold, it means you have a blend of around 25% copper to 75% real gold (with a lower percentage of copper and a bit of silver in some cases). Whether you select 18K rose gold jewelry or 14K, you’re getting beautifully crafted rose gold pieces that perfectly set a stunning backdrop for diamonds, gemstones, pearls and rose gold charms. 

how to style rose gold

Wondering what colors go with rose gold metal? Much like white and yellow gold, rose gold is a versatile tone that pairs well with any hue. Wear a rose gold pink necklace with a navy power suit and pumps. Style rose gold earrings with a bright pink top, jeans and sneakers. Sport a stack of rose gold bracelets with shorts, a white T-shirt and sandals. Pair a pink and gold skirt and top with your rose gold engagement ring. Here are a few of our favorite rose gold pieces: 

  • Rose gold helps define a brilliant row of diamonds. You could make this 14K classic diamond band part of your wedding set, or you could wrap up the band to give your BFF for their birthday. 
  • Treat yourself to pink. This rose gold ring is a stunner with a pink morganite oval centerpiece and two baguette-cut diamonds that pair perfectly with a rose gold tone watch.   
  • Take a friends’ trip to Disney, and say “cheers” to your ears. Rose gold outlines the Minnie Mouse-shaped studs and forms the bow, while crystals sparkle as bright as Cinderella’s castle. 
  • Personalize your office outfits with a pendant necklace featuring your kid’s initial and a 14K rose gold heart. 

rose gold’s value 

A beautiful addition to any jewelry collection, rose gold metal alloy holds the same value as traditional 14K or 18K gold. Learn the differences between metals with our guide
Wondering how to clean rose gold to preserve its lustrous finish year after year? Inspect your rose gold jewelry regularly, and clean with a soft-bristled brush or cloth soaked in a mixture of mild detergent or soap and lukewarm water. Rinse clean, and buff dry with a soft cloth. 


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