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Life is but a dream, or so goes the nursery rhyme song. And Helzberg Diamonds is here to turn those dreams into a reality. Meet rêve, a truly groundbreaking lab grown diamond that prioritizes sustainability. French for “dream,” rêve is the first-ever collection of certified sustainable lab grown diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. When you purchase an exquisite piece from the radiant rêve collection, you’re not only gaining one of the best man-made diamonds on the market, you’re also changing the world. 

what makes rêve different?

At Helzberg Diamonds, not only do we commit ourselves to spreading love and providing well-crafted pieces that last for generations, but we also strive to make a difference in the world by doing good and working toward sustainability. It’s part of the reason we’ve been around for more than a century, and it’s what sets us apart from others who offer lab grown diamonds. Wondering whether lab grown diamonds are expensive and how this collection offers sustainability?  

From start to finish, rêve is an extension of our company ethos, and it sets a new standard for sustainable engagement rings and wedding bands. For instance, each rêve center stone has GCAL-graded centers that offer unparalleled brilliance, and achieves SCS-007 certification, the highest standard for sustainability. We also design bands and settings from 14K recycled gold engraved with rêve’s signature motif. The result is a dreamy portfolio of exquisite diamonds, identical in brilliance to natural diamonds


how is rêve sustainable?

What is a sustainable diamond exactly, and how can diamonds be made? Science commingles with beauty in the manufacture of rêve’s lab grown diamonds. Here’s a bit more about what you can expect from our man-made diamonds process: 

  • We ethically source: We produce each eco-friendly, man-made diamond in a state-of-the-art lab. In other words, we’re focused on tech that puts the earth first.
  • We protect workers’ rights: We pledge to protect the communities and workers involved in the creation of our lab grown diamonds. 
  • We employ sustainable practices: We’re committed to reducing greenhouse emissions with a net-zero impact rating. 
  • We reduce our climate footprint: Our rêve rings are climate-neutral, using recycled gold, and even the packaging is recyclable. 
  • We live our values: We center our rêve collection on transparency, trust and integrity, so you can feel good purchasing a sustainable piece that will last for generations. 


our favorite rêve pieces

The rêve collection by Helzberg Diamonds offers some of the best lab grown diamonds in the world and reflects a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Turn all your dreams into a reality with the sparkling brilliance of a piece from the rêve collection, featuring the best man-made diamonds designed to last an eternity. Shop the entire rêve collection online or in stores.