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You’ve got your cushion-cut, pear-shaped, round, oval and princess. But what about the lesser-known (and every bit as beautiful) marquise-cut diamond? This timeless shape not only has a distinct royal history, it’s a favorite of iconic celebrities like Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Victoria Beckham. 
Characterized by its narrow shape, marquise stones can offer symmetry, creating an elegant, more slender silhouette. Here are a few facts about marquise diamond history and some of our favorite styles and settings. 

history of the marquise-cut diamond 

In the 1700s, Louis XV, king of France, also fittingly deemed “Louis the Beloved,” commissioned a jeweler to create a diamond cut resembling the delicate lips of his mistress. He elevated his beloved with a noble “Marquise” title — hence the name of the diamond cut with its 58 sparkling facets. Sordid details aside, however, this slim-profiled stone offers a sophisticated, elongated dazzle on the finger. Even smaller-carat marquise diamonds have the appearance of larger stones, thanks to the slender cut. 

when were marquise diamonds popular? 

While marquise diamonds were a favorite in the 1700s, they gained further popularity in the 1960s and throughout the ’70s and ’80s. The slim-profile stone in a pared-down marquise ring setting made for the perfect engagement ring
Wondering why marquise diamonds were not popular for periods of time? Shapes and styles come and go, but timeless pieces show up again and again. And like those vintage records your mom and dad played, marquise diamonds have recently experienced a resurgence as a result of their enduring appeal. 

our favorite marquise diamond ring styles

Here are five of our favorite marquise diamond ring styles


marquise ring settings and diamond cuts from Helzberg 

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