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A quick scroll through Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest, and you’ve probably seen a billion capsule wardrobe videos. Maybe it’s styling your closet as a college student, a mom, a boss babe or an “insert category here.” Those are great, sure, but what about creating a capsule jewelry collection to complement your wardrobe? 
Here are a few ways to create a staple jewelry collection that’ll keep you looking chic and on-trend, even when you’re removing skinny jeans and crop tops from your outfit repertoire. 

all about the basics: jewelry staples

Let’s start at the beginning with foundational jewelry pieces. What do you need to build a jewelry capsule collection? Here are your anything-but-basic jewelry types: 


Whether you’re married, single or just in that weird “are we or aren’t we?” space, rings (diamond or otherwise) are absolute must-haves for your jewelry wardrobe. They add sparkle and style to your finger. You can choose something slender and elegant or something colorful, big and bold — or both! That’s the fun of it! 


We’re on team “the more earrings the better” because they’re such a classic jewelry staple. But if you must pare it down for a capsule jewelry collection, we say a pair of studs, a pair of hoops and something big and bold. 


Think about the necklines you wear and the occasions you have on the horizon. If you’re a mix-and-mingle-after-work kind of person that loves V-neck blouses, you’ll want to add a few pendant necklaces to your collection. If you want an everyday necklace you can wear with any outfit, go simple with a sleek chain. 


Bracelets can enliven any outfit, adding a finishing touch to an ensemble. Consider a simple, elegant gold bracelet, a stack of bracelets and a cuff piece. 


Even if you regularly sport an Apple Watch or a FitBit, adding a women’s watch to your capsule jewelry collection is worth the investment and effort. Choose a timepiece in a metal finish you typically wear, and swap out your everyday watch for those special occasions. 


pairing classic jewelry 

So you’ve got the staple jewelry pieces for your capsule collection. Now, how should you wear them? 

  • Sporting a sequined dress to that fundraising event? Let the dress do the talking, so to speak, and keep jewelry minimal. Stick to a pair of diamond studs and a simple bracelet
  • Need to keep tabs on the time while you’re running errands? Add a classic watch to your everyday wear. 
  • Whether you’re heading to campus for class or you’re working from home, incorporate a modest chain necklace and birthstone ring to your look. 
  • Pair plenty of flair to your girls’-night-out fashion with large gold hoop earrings and a sunburst cocktail ring

our capsule jewelry collection picks 

Here are a few Helzberg Diamonds-approved picks for staple jewelry pieces: 

A capsule wardrobe jewelry collection ensures you’re ready any time, for any occasion. Shop Helzberg Diamonds’ jewelry buying guide, and browse our selection of jewelry in a range of luxurious styles and prices.