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Whether you’re star-crossed lovers or you’re just looking for a zodiac engagement ring, Helzberg Diamonds has got you covered with our celestial selection of zodiac wedding and engagement rings as vast as the sparkles in the night sky. You're destined to find the perfect ring to represent your unique love story. 

engagement rings based on zodiac sign 

Whether you’re into astrology or not, zodiac descriptions may perfectly describe your personality — or that of your partner — which makes zodiac engagement rings all the more fitting. Here are some star sign characteristics and a few of our favorite engagement rings by zodiac sign:  

aries engagement ring

They’re an Aries, meaning they’re those straightforward people who tell it like it is and often have no filter. You appreciate their honesty, however, because it makes them fun, competitive and adventurous. They’re fiery and fierce, making them a good eternal partner, even if they can be stubborn. Aries’ fire sign is red, so when you’re looking for an engagement ring based on their zodiac sign, go with a ruby moissanite halo ring, featuring a light-catching center stone that burns as brightly as their personality. 

taurus engagement ring

They’re the quintessential homebody who loves a good Netflix binge, prefers comfy clothes and probably likes to cuddle. Rainy days, a good book, naps, predictable schedules and overall stability are always on the docket for a Taurus. When you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring for her zodiac sign, pick out an understated, classic ring. (Audrey Hepburn was famously a Taurus, after all.) Select a round diamond solitaire ring that will give off the right amount of sparkle and never go out of style. 

gemini engagement ring 

They’re quick-witted, bubbly and pretty much get along with everyone (even your sometimes-difficult mom). They can be flirtatious, but they’re super adaptable and will always be your wing person. They’re always texting, calling friends and ready to be social. Plus, they’re intensely curious about everyone and everything around them. If you’re looking for a zodiac engagement ring that matches their personality, go with a three-stone ring with an emerald-cut center stone. This particular Gemini engagement ring speaks to their charisma and charm. 

leo engagement ring 

They’re a standout soul with a personality as big as their heart and, as a Leo, they love nice things, so they’re usually dressed to the nines in name-brand clothing with accessories to match. They’re also a bit of a romantic, and their unwavering, often-fierce loyalty is what will make them an excellent spouse. Deck them out in all the bling they deserve with a showstopping 2 ct. tw. diamond encrusted with 18 rectangular baguette diamonds. 

virgo engagement ring 

Their mind is going a mile a minute as they hop into problem-solving mode, whether it’s fixing a leaky sink or troubleshooting a work issue. Sure, they can be judgemental, but it’s all for good reason. After all, they’re bright, analytical and organized, so it’s frustrating when others aren’t. Give your Virgo a zodiac engagement ring that speaks to their innate brilliance, like a princess-cut solitaire or the unique contrast of an oval sapphire and diamond ring replete with unique facets. 

libra engagement ring 

Sometimes they’re pretty wishy-washy when it comes to making decisions, but they’re the peacemaker, the neutral third party that just wants harmony in all their relationships. They’re also all about the aesthetics, carefully posing for pics, making sure every hair is in place before posting a photo online, and they love creating a cheerful, beautiful home. Propose with a ring that speaks to their creativity, like this exquisite, timeless vintage-style engagement ring that will brighten their Libra heart. 

scorpio engagement ring 

There’s no shortage of passion in your relationship, thanks to your Scorpio partner. They can be complex and keep their feelings hidden, but their dramatic flair helps keep your love alive, owing to their sensitivity. Propose with the allure of a yellow gold engagement ring with a cushion-cut moissanite stone matched with a cushion-cut halo and pave band. 

sagittarius engagement ring 

Free-spirited, adventurous and fun-loving perfectly describes your Sagittarius significant other, who urges you out of your comfort zone as you explore new places in your city — and perhaps far-flung destinations, too. Since they’re more concerned about traipsing the globe, give them a minimal-style engagement ring that’s easy to maintain and will remain pristine whether they’re dipping their toes into the icy Pacific or snow skiing in Switzerland. We’re big fans of the more affordable pear-shaped lab grown solitaire with a simple rose gold band. 

capricorn engagement ring 

They’ve always been the “parent” of their friend group, that wise-beyond-their-years person that looks out for everyone. They’re super responsible because they feel like it’s their duty.  That means they love deeply even though they might be more guarded. Give that Capricorn a ring that’s practical yet sentimental, like this vintage oval-shaped diamond surrounded by round-cut stones. 

pisces engagement ring 

They’re a bit Phoebe Buffay from “Friends” — quirky and both child-like and adult-esque. They’re prone to daydreaming when other people speak to them, but they’re warm and engaging at the same time. They may also have a good bit of intuition and believe in reincarnation. Find a colorful zodiac ring that speaks to their old Pisces soul, like this intricate blue topaz and diamond stunner

aquarius engagement ring 

Brilliant yet stubborn, intellectual and inventive are a few of the terms to describe Aquarius. They see right through fake people, wanting a deeper relationship. They also have strong beliefs and can come off as eccentric at times. Select an appropriately quirky yet conversation-sparking zodiac ring, like this round-stone engagement ring with diamonds composing the band. 

The stars have aligned and you found your perfect person. Now pick their perfect ring. Shop all engagement rings at Helzberg Diamonds, or create your own custom engagement ring by zodiac sign.