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Jewelry takes fashion to a whole other level, but sometimes the wrong type of jewelry can make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. Enter morganite, a foolproof, pretty-in-pink fashion statement that blends well with almost any environment or ensemble. But how do you get the most out of this popular pink stone jewelry? Here’s how to pair morganite with the right outfits and accessories to create the perfect look. 

Morganite and different metals

We love morganite, and you should too! Available in shades of peach, pale purple, rose and salmon, this vibrantly versatile gemstone complements so many different materials. 
Always striking in classic yellow gold, morganite is no one-trick pony. The gem’s soft color is naturally suited to every precious metal. Morganite and blush rose gold are especially complementary, as they combine similar romantic shades that flatter any skin tone. The gem’s warm tones also beautifully contrast icy, white gold settings, and sterling silver provides a gorgeous contrast that captures attention.

Different gemstones: What does morganite pair with?

Like other beryl gemstones, morganite offers versatility and pairs well with a variety of different stones, including glittering white diamonds. The gem’s brilliant luster looks stunning alongside other beryl stones, including emerald, aquamarine and red beryl. In fact, pink morganite looks fantastic with most other colors, infusing designs with an alluring, youthful air. Mix and match to your heart’s desire; it’s hard to go wrong with versatile morganite jewelry.

Morganite for everyday wear

Can you wear morganite every day? You bet! With a 7.5 to 8 rating on the Mohs scale for hardness, morganite offers good durability, making it more than suitable for everyday wear.
Morganite jewelry is also a great option for everyday attire because it isn’t flashy but still adds a soft touch of glamor to your look. Wear it with a tucked-in tee and your favorite jeans. Black, navy and other dark colors also provide a perfect contrast for radiant light-hued morganite gemstones. 

Morganite for a night out

A night out can mean many things, from casual evening cocktails to glamorous soirées. Many times, choosing the proper attire is like walking a tightrope between formal and casual. You can ace these two seemingly conflicting dress codes by striking a beautiful balance between your ensemble and accessories. 
For cocktail-style gatherings, we suggest pairing your ensemble with a radiant statement morganite ring. Framed with luxe diamond accents, a pink morganite ring will soften your look while providing a bit of glamor. For high-end affairs, you can pair your favorite formal dress or jumpsuit with a set of peach morganite dangle earrings, which will help draw focus to your face and frame your beauty in beautiful blush tones. 

Morganite and wedding style

Feminine and romantic, morganite has become one of the trendiest alternative stone options for engagement rings. Its exceptional clarity and beautiful blush tones create striking pieces, especially when complemented by luxe diamond accents. You can tie it into your wedding style by adding some peach accents or pink floral arrangements that accentuate your ring and illuminate your morganite gemstone. 
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