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Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 14K White Gold (2 ct. tw.)
Price reduced from $2,299.00 to $1,499.00

Light Heart™ Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

Helzberg’s Light Heart™ lab grown diamonds offer you an alternative choice in fine jewelry. Generating the earth’s natural conditions, sophisticated technology raises the temperature of a tiny diamond seed to grow a diamond with identical chemical makeup to a traditional diamond. Though less rare, Light Heart™ lab grown diamonds are indistinguishable from natural diamonds to the naked eye. With expert scientists monitoring the growth process from beginning to end, every Light Heart™ lab grown diamond meets Helzberg’s quality standards. Stunning diamonds with classic design and detailing add up to a consistently beautiful result. Shop everything from rings, earrings, necklaces & pendants, and bracelets. Find the lab grown diamond that suits your style at Helzberg Diamonds.