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Moissanite Oval Halo Ring in 14K White Gold (3 1/3 ct. tw.)
Holiday Sale

discover unique colored engagement rings

Radiating vibrant color, gemstone engagement rings glitter with breathtaking brilliance. Available in a rainbow of eye-catching hues, Helzberg has striking rings in a range of precious and semi-precious gemstone options.

Enliven their ring with regal green emerald, plum purple amethyst or bold blue sapphire. Glowing with beautiful hues, luminous gemstones add intrigue to engagement rings, especially when accented with fiery diamonds.

Enchanting any ring design, radiant gemstones glitter with expressive facets that create vibrant depth. The colorful stones complement timeless yellow, refined white and romantic rose gold settings. Helzberg has all your favorite stone shapes, including oval, cushion, pear, princess, round, emerald and marquise. Our gemstone engagement rings give a nod to traditional engagement ring styles while showcasing mesmerizing color.

From classic solitaire rings to ornate designs with layers of accent stones, Helzberg has something for every style. Choose from the most popular, including three stone, halo and vintage-inspired designs, many with glittering diamonds that accentuate each gemstone’s colorful hues.

Shop all our gem rings to find exquisite shapes and designs. If you’re looking for unique gemstone engagement rings, you can create your own customized ring for a dramatic, personalized statement of your love.