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More and more people are rejecting traditional gender norms that make them feel fenced in. These progressive attitudes have influenced the jewelry world, where gender neutral engagement rings have become a growing trend.

Getting married means celebrating your authentic self, and we're here for it. Let's look at some inspired non-binary engagement rings for every look and style.

What is a gender neutral engagement ring?

For years, certain features and styles have been associated with specific genders. Thin, dainty and decorative? That must be a woman's ring, right? Thick, bold and mostly metal? It must be for a man!

Thankfully, these tired cliches are fading away as more people branch out and embrace rings that blur the line between what has traditionally been considered masculine or feminine.

Gender neutral rings may conjure up an image of simple unisex bands, but a gender neutral ring can be any ring you want it to be, as long as it's available in both men's and women's sizes. Gender neutral engagement rings are certainly not limited to plain bands. From minimalistic styles to designs dripping in diamonds, the options are limitless.

And since labels and norms are off the table, you can go even further beyond tradition with your gender neutral ring. Wear it solo or stack it with other rings. You can even take Carrie Bradshaw's lead and dangle your gender neutral ring around your neck so it sits close to your heart.

Who can wear a gender neutral engagement ring?

Thinking of purchasing an androgynous engagement ring? The good news is there are no rules. Anyone can where unisex engagement rings. That's kind of the idea, after all.

These rings aren't made for anyone specific. They're available to all and designed to flatter diverse looks and styles. If you like the ring, wear the ring. It's that simple. The only thing that matters is your personal taste and style.

Our favorite gender neutral engagement ring ideas

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