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You love your ring, but there's just one problem: The size isn't quite right. Whether it's a brand-new engagement ring or a wedding band you've proudly worn for years, you deserve a perfect fit. Here's when to consider resizing a ring that feels too tight or loose.

Your ring is too loose or too tight

When you slip on your ring, it should feel secure but comfortable. If you experience discomfort, that's a clear sign it's time to resize. A ring shouldn't squeeze your finger or slip off too easily. But how do you know if the problem is serious enough for a professional resizing? Here are some red flags.

Is my ring too tight?

While a ring should fit securely, it shouldn't feel like cutting off your finger's circulation. Here's how to know if your ring is too tight:Your ring won't turn on your finger.

  • You struggle to get it over your knuckle.

  • You experience pain or numbness while it's on.

  • Your ring bunches up surrounding flesh, creating an excess of skin around the ring.

  • You experience physical relief when removing the ring.

Is my ring too loose?

If your ring is too loose, you risk losing it. Avoid this mishap by recognizing the following warning signs:

  • Your ring slips off easily during workouts and other activities.

  • It feels loose after you wash your hands with cold water.

  • Your ring spins around your finger very easily.

  • It slides over the knuckles with barely any resistance.

  • Your ring snags on surrounding objects.

How Helzberg resizes a ring

If you'd like to get a ring resized, we have you covered. But how exactly do we do it? When resizing engagement rings that are too large, our experts remove metal from the band to create a secure, comfortable fit. If the ring is too small, we add metal to the band.

Depending on the specific issues, it can take a couple of weeks or longer to resize a ring. Find out more about the resizing process by reading our ring size guide. You can also schedule a consultation to discuss costs, timelines and what you should expect during and after the resizing process.

Schedule an appointment online or in person to discuss resizing your ring.