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  • Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan

    At Helzberg Diamonds, we understand that a jewelry purchase is an investment in yourself or in someone special. Our Lifetime Care Plan is just one more way we commit to helping our customers feel confident in their purchases by covering repairs and inspections.

    How To Sign-Up For The Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan

    Join our Lifetime Care Plan at your nearest store, or online when you make a purchase. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact the Helzberg Diamonds store at which you purchased this Lifetime Care Plan.


    When a Lifetime Care Plan is purchased, you will be given an inspection card. The inspection card will need to be presented every six months along with the piece covered for cleaning and inspection.  If any covered repair work needs to be done, the updated inspection card will be required. 

    Keep Your Plan Active

    To maintain your Lifetime Care Plan, you must have your jewelry inspected by a Helzberg Diamonds associate during the six months following the date of purchase and every six months thereafter. Inspections must be documented by a Helzberg Diamonds associate on your inspection card. If you do not, your coverage under this Lifetime Care Plan will become invalid.

    Just bring your jewelry to your nearest Helzberg Diamonds store along with your Lifetime Care Plan inspection card. Your card will be updated and used to verify you have maintained the needed cleaning and inspections to keep the care plan active. All check-ups and Covered Repairs and Services are a part of the purchase price of this plan. When we have completed the inspection and any needed repairs, all you have to do is pick up the jewelry at the same store where you dropped it off. Please visit helzberg.com/lcp or call 1-800-435-9237 to for more information.


    What Repairs and Services are Covered

    This Lifetime Care Plan covers all inspections, cleaning and Covered Repairs and Services to the jewelry covered by this Plan. Covered Repairs and Services include the parts and labor necessary to fix problems which occur during normal usage of the jewelry, consistent with the conditions for which it was designed, and all costs covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty (except as limited by the Addenda in this Limited Care Plan and applicable state law). Depending on the type of jewelry for which the Plan coverage is purchased, it would include shortening of diamond bracelets, resizing or reshanking of rings, the replacement of lost or damaged diamonds and gemstones, restringing of pearls, clasp replacement, repair of broken chains, repair of worn or broken prongs, repair of broken earring posts or similar repairs.

    What is not covered:

    • Jewelry that is not brought in for its regular six-month check-up or that has been damaged as a result of excessive or abusive treatment
    • Jewelry that has been repaired by a store other than Helzberg Diamonds
    • Loss or theft of the jewelry

    Damage resulting to the jewelry from loss, theft, or any consequential damages or loss of use resulting from the broken or damaged jewelry, or from any delay in our repairing the jewelry.