Alternative Metals Wedding Rings & Bands

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Men's Band in Tantalum, 6MM


Men's Band in Tantalum, 6.5MM


Black & Blue Cobalt Band, 8MM


tantalum men's ring

Weightier than tungsten and gunmetal-gray in color, tantalum is a popular wedding band metal for modern grooms. Slightly darker than platinum, the rare earth metal offers dense durability and a polished sheen for men in search of iconic ring designs.

titanium wedding rings for men

Light as a feather but tougher than steel, titanium is one of the strongest metals you can wear on your hand. It’s also a sleek, stylish complement to your everyday attire. Available in diverse styles, titanium is perfect for men who want a ring that can hold up to their rugged routines.

cobalt men's wedding ring

For the savvy shopper, cobalt has the same look and feel of white gold for around a third of the price. Its lustrous color is reminiscent of plated platinum. With superior toughness and resistance to scratching, the metal is often inlaid with meteorite, carbon fiber, hardwood and diamonds.

men's platinum wedding rings

Naturally white and brilliant, platinum is exceptionally rare and tremendously strong. Denser than gold and about ten times as scarce, platinum is an extremely popular wedding band metal. Helzberg has a broad selection of platinum ring designs. Go with a frost, matte or hammered milgrain design with modern appeal and a touch of tradition.

elysium men's wedding ring

To craft an Elysium ring, thousands of diamonds are fused under intense pressure and heat. The result is the world’s hardest, most scratch-resistant jewelry. Extremely lightweight and comfortable, Elysium rings will never dull, fade, scratch or change color.

men's wedding rings damascus steel

Blended from several different metals, Damascus steel has a history rooted in battle and glory. Once used to craft knives and swords, the metal makes a compelling men’s wedding ring. Discover bands accented with everything from meteorite to wood to ancient dinosaur bones.

men's black zirconium wedding rings

Seeking something unique? A very strong, lustrous metal, black zirconium is a bold choice. With a rating of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, the material can only be scratched by a diamond. Choose from a wide range of styles with gold, diamond and meteorite inlays.

meteorite men's wedding ring

Rare fragments of comets and asteroids, meteorites are an especially compelling material for men’s wedding bands. Honor your vows with an incredibly rare material billions of years in the making.

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